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Spoilers? What are spoilers?

Part of the fun of playing Angband is NOT knowing in advance what an item, a monster or a spell will do. But of course, fun is very much a personal experience. Some players prefer not to be surprised by possible malevolent side-effects of unknown objects. For those players, spoilers can be a solution. But beware - you get only one chance to play the game without full knowledge, but you'll have many chances to play the game with full knowledge. Always remember this before consulting a spoiler!

But spoilers are not only for new players! Many experienced players will find themselves encountering items that they remember seeing before, but they can't recall exactly what it does. Of they are planning to bring back the most expensive items to town in order to sell them, but don't know if a Ring of Resist Acid is worth more or less than a Potion of Restore Constitution.

Anyway - for those who want to consult spoiler files, I have assembled a collection. Many of these spoilers have recently been rewritten or updated by me, to reflect the gameplay of Angband 3.0.8. The stats spoiler by Ben Schrag and the shops spoiler by Andrew Fabbro have last been updated for Angband 3.0.6. The attacks spoiler, contributed by Leonard Dickens, is valid for Angband 3.0.5. All other spoilers are outdated, describing the gameplay of Angband 2.7.9 or similar*. ; I wish to thank Ben, Andrew, and Leonard for their work on these spoilers and for their permission to repost their work on this site.

* I did not try to contact the authors of these files to ask their permission to publish their work. I don't expect the e-mail addresses listed to still be valid. And since these spoilers have already been spreading over the Internet like fire during the last decade, I figured that they probably wouldn't object anyway.
However, if you are the author of any file published here and you object to this, please
tell me. I'll remove the file upon first request.



How to use the spoilers

You can use the spoilers in any of the following three ways:

  1. Read the spoiler files online.
  2. Install them on your computer to be used from within Angband's help system.
  3. Install them on your computer and read them using any file editor of your choice.



Installing the spoilers to be used from within Angband's help system.

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Extract all files from the archive to the \lib\help folder in the installation directory of your copy of Angband.
  3. Start Angband
  4. Press the '?' key to access Angband's builtin help system.
  5. Select option i to access the menus for the spoiler files.



Installing the spoilers to be read with any file editor of your choice.

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Extract all files, except the *.hlp files, from the archive to a directory of your choice.
  3. Open the file you wish to read in your favorite text editor or word processing program.



Previous versions.

If you are still playing an older version of Angband, you might want to use an older version of the spoiler files. These are not available for online viewing, but you can download archives with some spoiler files for older versions - for Angband 3.0.3, for Angband 3.0.5, or for Angband 3.0.6.


A blast from the past.

In december 2005, I received an e-mail from Eugene Hung. Eugene is the original author of several spoiler files, and the one who invented the .spo suffix that all Angband spoiler files use to date.

Eugene kindly sent me his spoiler files archive, "so you can take a look at the originals and see how much (or little) they have changed!". All these spoilers are 10 years or more old; some even go back to v2.4 frog-knows. As a result, they may be entirely inaccurate for more recent versions of Angband. I included them here solely for those who like to get a feel of how it all started.

Not all spoiler files in this archive are written by Eugene. In Eugene's words: "Anything without an attribution is mine; something that has an attribution like uni.spo is theirs."